2010/01 - Version 1.0.0 - Download 3DResponseSetup.zip

2010/06 - Check CUDA Capability. Download check_cuda.zip

2010/06 - Add CUDA functionality for 3DResponse. Download fgs_cuda.zip*



How to add cuda functionality for 3DResponse:
1. First download and install NVIDIA CUDA driver (version 2.1)
2. Download our fgs.dll with CUDA support from here, replace old fgs.dll with new fgs.dll in the directory where our program is installed (usually in the folder C:\\Program files\3D Acoustic Recearch)
Start 3DRespnonse as usual.

If program doesn't start saying it cannot load fgs.dll do the folowing:
- download check_cuda.zip to check You configuration is OK for CUDA support (download devicequery). Devicequery displays all the configuration of CUDA avaliable with Your card.
- be sure the cudaart.dll is same version we use (from cuda driver version 2.1). You can download our cudart.dll, place it in C:\CUDA\bin folder, and register from command line as flollows: regsvr32.dll cudart.dll

Depending on particular card memory available, there are also some restrictions in global dimensions 3D responce can handle , i.e. with GTX260 maximum room size wiil be about 400x400x300 cm